A Thundering Hooves Film

Written | Directed | Produced

Neta Rhyne

RELEASE DATE:  June 2020 


Thirty six years ago my family and I moved to Toyahvale, a West Texas Desert Oasis, a place I will forever more call home.  Nourished for over 11,000 years by San Solomon Springs, a series of artesian springs flowing 20 millions gallons of clear, fresh water daily, the beauty of this beautiful oasis is unmatched, the healing properties of these ancient springs are strong.

In 1992 I was diagnosed with “terminal lung cancer”, this sacred land was the place I came home to for healing.  In 2016, when Apache Corporation laid to claim to over 350,000 acres of minerals under this sacred ground, I feared the worse!  Today we are experiencing ‘historic seismic” activity.  Earthquakes have damaged our home and placed the San Solomon Springs in danger!  This sacred ground is shattering under the weight of greed and sadly San Solomon Springs is facing the very real possibility of disappearing forever! 

Neta Rhyne
Enrolled Member Cherokee Nation
Direct Descendant 'Trail Of Tears'