A Thundering Hooves Film

Written | Directed | Produced

Neta Rhyne

Message from the Director ~   April 22, 2020 

EARTH DAY has taken on a new meaning for my family and I as the earthquakes here continue to damage our property and a virus has now changed the World as we know it ...forever!!   

The fight to protect San Solomon Springs, Phantom Springs and Giffin Springs, continues to evolve in these changing times as we experience these historic events!! ~

Neta Rhyne
Enrolled Member Cherokee Nation 
Direct Descendant 'Trail Of Tears' 

RELEASE DATE:  June 2020 

SHATTERING SACRED GROUND a historical review of San Solomon Springs, Phantom Springs & Giffin Springs, a series of artesian and gravity springs formed by subsurface geologic faults, flowing 20 to 28 million gallons of clear, fresh water a day for over 11,000 years whose very existence is threatened by the onslaught of the fossil fuel industry.  

Talking Feather Production